We work with other developers to “unlock” project pipelines leveraging our international experience to create “bankable” propositions that we can structure funding for.


We work with landowners who want to realise value from their otherwise low value property that maybe unsuitable for traditional farming or they may just want to diversify their income streams and enter the renewable energy space.

Water Companies

We work with water treatment companies who own and operate reservoirs of water reducing losses of clean water to atmosphere and their energy costs through the deployment of floating solar.

Governments and Regulators

We work with host governments, regulators and other stakeholders bringing our international experience of the sector to provide reliable advice and insights and bring best practice to develop solar projects in frontier and emerging markets

Blue-chip companies

We work with blue-chip companies to develop holistic energy management strategies and work together with their in-house energy managers and CSR staff to develop strategies and implementation plans for how solar solutions coupled with battery storage an EV charge points can be deployed across their assets and infrastructures as part of the overall commitment to the corporations carbon zero targets. We also assist in the narrative and provision of KPI’s so CO2 reductions and other key metrics can be clearly communicated.

Retail Partners

We work with retail partners and the Facilities Management companies that manage their estates and provision of energy services to provide “behind the meter” solutions reducing energy costs whilst contributing significantly to carbon reduction targets. We can provide turnkey solutions including battery storage and EV charge points for shoppers at individual sites and larger shopping malls and indeed portfolio’s of similar real estate.

Supply Chain Partners

We work closely with providers of the latest generation most efficient and reliable solar panels (including bi facial), inverters, batteries, EV charge points, EPC contractors, private equity, sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, commercial banks and ECA’s specifically UK Export Finance to package the most compelling propositions on the planet.